The Three Principles of Success


Years ago, in a different professional life, I invested in a sales training program for self-betterment and career growth.   This program covered many different topics, one of which was success.  It taught that to become successful, there are three important principles to focus on: behavior, attitude and technique.  The interesting thing is that these three principles can be applied to just about anything in life. Let me briefly explain by using exercise as an example:

Behavior is the act of doing. In its purest form, this is just doing the action. For fitness, it’s basically showing up to the gym on a consistent basis.

Next is attitude which is what you believe and how you approach it. If you don’t believe exercise is beneficial or if you have a negative attitude toward it, chances are you won’t show up to the gym very often. On the other hand, if you have a positive outlook and believe you can achieve your fitness goal, you’ll most likely workout on a consistent basis.

Finally, technique is basically how you do it. There are a lot of different exercises and workout programs out there but not all are optimal for helping you to achieve the results you want. Learn the right exercises for your own personal goals and your chances of success will be dramatically increased.

While I used exercise as an example, these principles can be applied toward all areas of your life.  Want to improve in your career, athletics, or a hobby?  Focus on these principles and you will.  I challenge you to pick an area you want to enhance and give it a try.  Just think of the progress you can make in the next 12 weeks!

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