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How We Work

Every person is in a different place with different challenges and different goals. We take a consultative approach in helping our clients obtain their desired weight loss and fitness results.

Step 1: Fitness Consultation

It all starts with us first getting to know you. Our fitness consultation is the necessary beginning point to understand how we can help.

Step 2: Create Your Plan

Our expert personal trainers create a customized exercise program based on leading research to help you achieve your fitness and/or weight loss goals.

´╗┐Step 3: Fitness Training & Support

We are with you every step of the way through coaching, support, and accountability.

About Our Coaches

Our trainers have years of experience delivering proven results for their clients.


Flexible Schedules

We all have busy lives, our coaches are flexible and able to work around your schedule.


Personal Coaching

We will be with you every step of the way giving guidance, support, and accountability.


Innovative Ideas

We utilize the latest evidence based exercise techniques and methodologies to help you get results in the quickest time possible .


Proven Methods

We have a proven track record of helping clients achieve their weight loss and fitness goals.

"Jess has been an inspiration and cornerstone to my healthy living journey. In the past 8 years he has been my friend, my confidante and the one who pushes me to be where I am today. Thanks to Jess's belief in me, I have been able to lose a total of 94 lbs and accomplish more that I ever thought possible!"

-Annetta H.

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