My experience training with a heart rate monitor

Over the last few years I have read about the benefits of doing Heart Rate (HR) Training and seen an explosion of classes using this method but have yet to try it myself.  After personally using one for about a month, I now see the benefits and wish I had started years ago.

“What gets tracked gets improved!” Business books everywhere are touting the benefits of “Data Analytics”.  If you know and track the data, the results should improve.  The same concept applies to health & fitness whether you are tracking your food or tracking how hard you are working out.  I must admit that I was not  pushing myself as hard as I should have been in my cardio sessions.   Now that I can visually see my heart rate, I’ve been forcing myself to work harder.   Not only am I burning more calories in a shorter period but it is a lot of fun!  It feels like it has turned my workouts into a sort of game.  


Results? I think I am seeing results and based on the comments I have heard from other people,  I’d say they are too.  I have to admit, it feels pretty good 🙂

If you want to improve your weight loss or fitness results, our Boot Camp may be just for you.  We have recently invested in Polar Club, a group Heart Rate Training program, and are will be bringing this method of training to our Boot Camps. Want to learn more and see if this is right for you? Then click the button below and schedule a free consultation. I look forward to meeting with you.

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